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Les cours au calendrier:

The scheduled courses:

Plant Based Christmas

That's the holiday season coming, the atmosphere of celebration, gifts, meals shared with family, friends but also my Aunt Gertrude in diabetic coma and cholesterol of my uncle Albert, who explodes.
It is time to innovate, be avant-garde this year, while cooking, give health to your loved ones.

Menu for Christmas:
Spiced Nuts elves Maple
White and red chili
Beet salad Rodolphe
Portobello stuffing turkey
Santa's Cookies

* Gift Ideas Gourmet make your own

Gâteau renversé aux pommes
Tuesday, 15 December, 2015 - 18:00 , Français , 75.00$ , il reste 0 places

Les autres cours:

Other courses:

All Star Legumes

Special course for those beans.

The benefits of legumes on health are many, but Canadians consume very little, even though Canada is one of the largest producers in the world.
This course will give you all the tools needed to incorporate them into your daily meals.
Legumes are the best value for money and health!

On the menu:
White beans spread
Bean salad with citrus
Rajasthan Dal
White Chili
Garbanzo Cookies 


Tartinade de haricots mungo

India Is Here

After my fabulous culinary travel in India, I am bringing back to you an incredible variety of specialties dishes.

This course is for those who are unfamiliar with the use of Indian spices, but would like to go beyond the limits of the routine. You will learn to cook easy and healthy traditional recipes.

Au menu:

-Rajasthan-Dal (lentil stew)
-Chapati (flat bread whole wheat)
-Jeera-rice (brown basmati rice with cumin)
-Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower)
-Vegetable Masala (spiced vegetables)

Spring Seasonal Cooking

Upcoming description.

Taboulé aux fines herbes
Taboulé photo: MariEve Savaria

Summer Seasonal Cooking

Upcoming description.

YinYang Quinoa

The Hard Core Vegetarian

Upcoming description.

Soupe oignon miso

Vegan 101

Upcoming description.

Vegetarian Discoveries

Come and discover delicious recipes for healthy vegetarian diet.
A better way to learn how to cook healthy foods such as: tofu, quinoa and legumes.

Tofu and soy
Curried tofu salad and edamame
Fried tofu
Quinoa tomato mint warm salad
White Bean Dip
Indian Dal

Dal Indien
Dal Indien

Winter Seasonal Cooking

Upcoming description.

Pâté de Foi
Pâté de Foi