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Discovering Foods with Dom
My name is Dominique. I am a healthy food specialist with a diploma in nutrition.
I teach cooking in Montreal at Centre Jean-Claude Malepart and my studio L'Armoire du Haut located in Montreal's Plateau.
I am here for the Olympics and would like to offer my expertise in food choices.
We will go to a grocery store of your choice (or I can recommend one) and we will walk to store discovering hidden treasures
I will answer your questions, point out healthy choices, show you new products and what to do with them.
If you like, we can go to your house and I will cook with you.
It is a great opportunity to learn quickly about what to eat and how to make easy and exciting choices.
If you have a specific need such as: Gluten free, animal free, or 100%organic, I can specialize the tour for your needs.
I am available every day until March 7th
The visit takes about 2 hours for $50 per person.
Come and enjoy Discovering Foods with Dom
Contact me at 604-314-5181 or by email: